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Help me with the chain!

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i was lubing my chain the other day and it seemed a little loose, can somebody tell me how much slack i need to have on ex500 and do i measure it on the centerstand or with somebody on the bike? since there might be a difference. and maybe other chain adjustment things i would need to know to tighten it properly.

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FOG might disagree but, as a mechanic, i would never encourage someone to adjust chain slack on the sidestand or centerstand.

The only proper way is to adjust with the weight of the rider on the bike. tension can change drastically from the difference of rider vs. no rider.
yep... the ominous FOG has ALWAYS got to be in disagreement.

hey guys... let me reiterate... don't adjust your chains without the weight of the rider! it's asking for trouble and maybe it will bite FOG in the ass someday. hopefully others will be smarter.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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