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Hi everyone, I just signed up....awesome site!

My wife has a '92... I'm in the process of getting it road ready since the bike has been sitting for about 5 years.

I just pulled the carbs off and will be cleaning them shortly. The major complaint before it sat, was the bog, or stutter at mid-range throttle. During acceleration, the motor would really 'bog out', or lose power throughout the middle RPM range..... anyone familiar with this? Bike ran fine everywhere else on the RPM range, and even downshifting or up-shifting would eliminate this problem, but that gets old.

Also, I've already gone through the front brakes and now it's time for the carbs....while I'm there, are there any "Necessary" mods that you guys recommend?

Are there any mods that eliminate all the hoses under the tank and possibly clean up the airbox area?

Thanks in advance and ride safe!



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