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How do you keep engine temp up while winter riding?

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I just want to see other's ideas!
I use a method as old as the world!top secret 8)[/color]
I insert a precut(with holes) sheet of plastic between radiator and the guard
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This topic has been well covered. Give it a look-see.

Search "radiator" or "radiator cover" or such. One result:
;) Yes this has gotten a lot of attention in one of the other posts on this forum. I use a sheet of posterboard which covers about half the rad when the temp gets below 40...if its below 30 I use a piece which covers about 3/4 of the rad. Works really well. Like you said, I just slip it between the radiator and guard and it stays in place fine.
If you really want to keep the temperature up, you're going to need to keep the bike revving at 10,000 RPM, all the time. Plus, drain the coolant, half the engine oil and put a fleece blanket over the radiator.

All of the above was an attempt at humour.

The radiator cover seems to be the most commonly used thing, and is what I will be doing next fall, as this bike runs like crap when it's negative 5 out.
duct tape makes a cheap radiator cover
??? I don't know how you can get much cheaper than a scrap piece of posterboard, but if it works for you, I'm sure it works just as well :p .
McBiggity said:
duct tape makes a cheap radiator cover
ghe-tto.... lolz!
i think mine takes the cake!!! :p
i've been riding in 27 degree weather and temp is at half on gauge. 3/4 covered(beer long gone!!!)

**note***trick pull tab!
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;D That is cool maverick. And I'll bet it is as cheap as duct tape ;) .
It might even be cheaper ;)

you don't need to get out and buy some, it's probably there already waiting in the garage or near the fridge lol

Nice trick with the pull tab. Why not going painting it green ?
i'm lazy. anyways i'm getting to change to a 14 totth front sprocket. do we have a endless chain? i don't see a masterlink. i've heard ex's have them?
No idea, but I want feedback on that sprocket once it'll be in place :)
The owner's manual says the chain has no master link.
The bike comes with an endless chain, most sport bikes come with these chain types now because they are less likely to fail.
turn the idel up a bit, use sparkies ment for cold temps, you'll loose speed with those, not ment for racing
Leave it in the grarge and take the Caddy.

Modify a medium-mesh metal basket to fit, & wire it in front of the radiator.
Be sure it doesn't interfere w/ the tire & suspension stuff.
10 minutes before the ride fill it with charcoal & lite it up.
That ought help add some heat.

Oh yeah... make sure you wear flame retardant pants.
^^ isn't the tank in the way ?

Isn't doing this also adding a 1 shot afterburner on the machine ?

Must be quite a sight :D
pull a ghost rider and light the whole bike on fire
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