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How long have you been riding?

How long have you been riding?

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How long have you been riding?
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I had a bike for about 5 years, then took a 24 year break. Been back a little more than a year now.

Thirty years. Not so much the last 10 years but now back with a vengeance!
I've been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and have over 650,000 miles on them. I've riden a Honda 160, a few Yamaha RD400's, put 36,000 miles on my Yamaha XV920R twin in it's first year, owned a big twin Harley, a Yamaha FJ1100, a Yamaha 1200 VMAx, and a hole bunch of other bikes.

Now I just ride my Ninja 500R around town in Las Vegas.
Been riding motorcycles since I was 14. Stopped when I was 18 then started again at 28 this year.
Been riding minibikes/motorcycles since i was tall enough to get on one, didn't get my license and first road bike until i was 18 though.
I just started this year, about 2 months ago to be exact. so far I've managed to log over 2000 miles on my bike, and become an absolute ADDICT when it comes to twisties. no drug can get me high like this, especially not legally, or safely.
Have had a motorcycle riding passion my whole preteen/teenage life but obviously with cautious parents and little to no money i couldnt make my dream come true until i got a real job/life about 3 years ago.

37 years. Still ride over 20,000 miles a year. :eek: 8)
Started in 1977 after the USAF let me free, & had 3 different bikes up to '86 or '87.
Got off to be more certain of being around to raise 2 kids.

Then, started again 2-3 weeks ago.
(Always kept my motorcycle endorsement though).
38 years. Licensed for 35.
This makes 50 posts and I'm no longer a "Newb". Yay! ;)

Licenced through MSF in '01. I had limited riding time before then and limited riding time since then until May of '04 when I got my ZX. In the short amount of time I've had my ZX, I've crammed in about 5-10 years worth of riding experience doing Trackdays, racing, trackday instructing and now woods trails & motocross on my KX250.
just over a year now, I haven't logged that many miles though.
Rode alot in 96-97 than sold bike. Just got back on one last summer. Was smart enough to keep endorsement on license though.
Oops, I should've been in the less than 5 year category. I've been on two wheels for just over 4 years.
I did the motorcross thing when I was young ,this is my first street bike of my own , ridden a few but not allot
Have been riding for just over 17 years. ;D

Living in Canada might work out to be at total of 6 years. With the riding season being so short.

Kind of like if you were born on a leap year ;)
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