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hi. No you have it correct and are just confused as the info is not precise enough for newbies doing the clearances for the first time.
1. the "C" mark is for timing the cams which is done on the no 2 cylinder (right side as if sitting on bike) and nothing else.
the "C" mark represents #2 cylinder at TDC. not needed for adjusting the valve clearances.

2. the best way to do the checking of the valve clearances, is to turn the engine over by hand until each cam lobe is pointing up then adjust the two valves that use that lobe once done turn the engine over further until the next lobe is pointing up and do those two repeat until all 8 valves have been done. it is that simple.

3 For information only the "T" mark on the flywheel represents no1 cylinder (the left one) is at TDC. and the "F" mark set at 4 degrees in advance of the "T" is the firing point of the #1 cylinder. these are just for reference (and strobe light checking of the ignition timing) normally ignored as the ignition is electronic and cannot be altered manually.

4. just check the valves as described and your good to go.
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