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Ignition coils

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You guys have good luck with cheap ebay ignition coils? Would like to save money but also don't wanna waste time.
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Are you sure you need coils?

Have you tried cleaning the spark plug caps and nipping off a bit of the spark plug wire?
Spark plug replace, cap cleaning, wire inspection
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Honestly i just need the little rubber gromet that holds the wire on the elbow part. I just had a hard time finding them for some reason and i saw the whole coil and wire was like 12 bucks on ebay so figured i could go that way.
Sounds like you should just do the COPS mod instead of replacing with originals.
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Cant find any real cheap for the cops mod but definitly think ill do that once i know the bike actually runs. Its really beat up and i got it pretty cheap as a project so i just wanna get it to start before sinking more into it. Once my other parts come in for the carb i guess im just gona try and use tape to hold the old ones together to just get it going for a minute.
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