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Leather Maintainance

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Ive had my A*'s TZ-1 jacket for about 2 months now, for those that dont know,it is a full leather jacket (jus makin sure).It still feels rich, and smells good, but some parts are getting a bit more wear then others, like my sleeves since i put on and take a backpack off a few times a day.

Now i know you are supposed to wash it with warm soapy water, and thats easy enough, but i wanted to know what you guys use for treatment.Its an oil right?

I was planning on getting the stuff that alpinestars makes, a friend suggested to get the stuff that you treat horse sadles with.

whatcha guys think?should i go with the A*'s stuff since they make the jacket?
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Your best friend for your leathers, is unscented baby oil.

I'm not kidding.

I was taught to use it by my former boss, who's been selling motorcycle leathers for over 30 years. We used it to rehydrate garments (especially neglected gear), and add flexibility to them. I bathe mine, at least once a month.
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