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Leather Maintainance

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Ive had my A*'s TZ-1 jacket for about 2 months now, for those that dont know,it is a full leather jacket (jus makin sure).It still feels rich, and smells good, but some parts are getting a bit more wear then others, like my sleeves since i put on and take a backpack off a few times a day.

Now i know you are supposed to wash it with warm soapy water, and thats easy enough, but i wanted to know what you guys use for treatment.Its an oil right?

I was planning on getting the stuff that alpinestars makes, a friend suggested to get the stuff that you treat horse sadles with.

whatcha guys think?should i go with the A*'s stuff since they make the jacket?
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That works OK. Also, save an old head for your electric toothbrush and use it as your applicator / scrubber for the tough spots. It's gentle enough yet really helps.

Another thing I came upon a few years ago, recommended by a local leather repair guy, is a wash and rinse treatment to actually wash your leathers in the washing machine. :eek: It's a product marketed to horse people for maintaining their gear.

It actually works quite well, getting the liners and all clean. I do mine about two or three times a year that way. The product is called Leather Therapy. They sell various products including sparay bottles but this stuff is a two part, wash and rinse component for use in the washing machine. Remove the armor and knee pucks then follow their wash directions. If you search that brand you'll find it and can read up on it at their sight. I've also seen the product on E-Bay in a tack shop's online store. The bottles are approx. quart size and will last a while, getting maybe six or so washes out of them. I've also heard that Tractor Supply stocks some of their stuff but I've never looked. As I recall, the two parts are maybe thirty bucks or so.

Also, for just treatment between washes or if you get them wet in the rain, Lexol works well or you can also use the Leather Therapy rinse agent applied directly to the leather with a sponge or turkish towel.
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