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Since the weather was BEAUTIFUL there were a ton of people at Leesburg on Saturday.

Although I go every year I think this may be the last time for a while. Same old ****. Leather, leather and leather.

I saw a lot more families with their young kids, which was great. One little girl had a shirt that said, "Future Biker!", which I though was awesome!

And then there's the posers! Yep, here we go again! Because THIS TIME I can call them posers WITH evidence!!! Normally, I park way at the end of Main Street. This way I can walk up one side and check out all of the parked bikes while making my way through the vendors, then get to the entrance of Main Street and U-turn to the other side and do the same...while grabbing one of those lemonades! (Love that sugar water!)

I was there at noon and the sidewalks were packed. I went into a few of the vendors and I started thinking...this is the SAME merchandise I saw 20 years ago!!! Some of the jackets looked faded, as if they'd been sitting in a storage shed for years...which I am positive they've had!

And then there's the Harley guys. And I feel "justified" to bag on many of these idiots! I'm listening to many of the conversations and I heard everything from banging chicks to fights to racing. Many of them are decked out in their leather and black T's with cigars hanging out of their mouths and beers in their hands. I'm reading a lot of their patches and many are outdated and long used up. A lot of these guys are loud and don't want to get out of your way as you try to walk by. At this point my mind is thinking how this reminds me of an adult Halloween party.

And then, as I stopped off to check out a Kawasaki that's parked among the masses, I look up to see about 30 Mongols coming my way. And let me tell you...you could have heard a pin drop! All these BAMF Harley guys parted the way, some even moving BEHIND their wives/gf's.
I'm noticing how quiet it got and how some of the groups conversations changed to "How's the weather?" type banter. All these guys were looking away.
Me, I stood there letting them pass before I made my way down the street. One of the Mongols stared at me as he passed. He probably noticed me looking over the patches on his vest. We locked eyes, I nodded, he nodded back and we both went out way.

So, if it sounds like I'm busting on the posers...I AM!!! Because I started thinking more than ever before WHY the dress up? And then I started thinking if it bothers the 1%'ers that everyone has been trying to "act" like them over the years...or if it's more of a compliment to them. Ya see, I was always informed that you better watch what patches you have on your vest for fear that a 1%'er will take issue if it's a patch you shouldn't be wearing. In other words, I read many of the patches on the poser's vests and they're nothing more than trying to tell the world what bad asses they are. You all know the ones I'm talking about, the ones with the saying in terms of "I'm a biker and I'll **** you up" message.

I don't know, I'd like to think at this point us "bikers" should have started to outgrow the "just because I ride a bike I'm a bad ass" mentality. It's gotten old, WE'VE gotten old, and we're not gonna kick anyone's ass at this point in our lives. Times have changed, laws have changed and I'd assume most of us have too much at stake to risk going to jail for something stupid that involves beer muscles.
But these 1%'ers...I'd like to think that they're not worried about the consequences for stomping someone's ass!

Anyway, I was on my way back to my bike after passing the Mongols. (Saw one coming up in a leg brace who must have got there late.)

Here's a pic or two of the bikes that caught my eye. This year's event had little that really stood out.

This Kawasaki was neat. Old school and shaft drive!

Don't know what the hell this was...but it had guns!!!

Kind of cool-decorated trike!

***And a non-related pic of the my new, FREE, T-shirt that Kawasaki sent me for complaining about their stupid-ass front sprocket nut!


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I've been going to Monterey for like 24 years now. Cannery Row on Saturday night before race day is similar...but far better. Or at least, it once was. Even if were only an AMA Superbike weekend, it would still get packed on Saturday night.

You'd see bikes you'd only otherwise see in magazines (you know, pre-internet days) and their reviews. Bimota, R spec Ducatis, RC45s, oval-piston NRs as well as rare 2 stroke V4s and square 4s from the late 70s and '80s, Aprilia Cup bikes etc. It was like the world biggest impromptu bike show. And then this stupid movie called Biker Boys came out. And Cannery Row went down hill almost over night.

Starting that year, 2005 IIRC, the rare and exotic bikes that graced Cannery Row disappeared. Replaced by stupid bikes with extended swing arms and neon. Nitwits on their R6s sitting there revving their bikes to redline every so many minutes to get some attention. Stupid. There were always Harley riders there, they were just the minority.

They still are, but the riders now are far more obnoxious. They might actually be the former R6 riders who blew their engines with the constant no load red line revving. Cuz they do the same thing. I'd never heard a Harley bonce off its rev limiter before. Not a pretty sound.

We've always tried to stay on Cannery Row so we could walk the row and check out all the bikes, stop to eat and have drinks, AND be able to walk to our room. Now, I'm contemplating bed and breakfasts in Pacific Grove where the sort of idiocy being demonstrated on Cannery Row will get you arrested.

I'm just old now I guess.:grin2: ..........sean

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This literally right around the corner from me, very short walking distance from home. As weather warms, already hearing HD engines riding to/from.


So close-by convenient, wonder if they have any Ducati owner/members? :wink2:

Riding by ...I'm sure I'll have a interchange sooner or later....hopefully friendly.

I've got no prejudice or animus, but biker gang stuff not for me.
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