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Lost the front.

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Traveling about 40 mph towards a 10mph hairpin turn I applied too much front brake and lost the front after discovering cold, wet, gravel. I was probably only going 15mph when I fell and my armored gear took the hit beautifully resulting in only minor soreness. It appears that the bike is fine. The front forks appear twisted but I can't deal with them until tomorrow. Other than that I landed on the same side I low-sided once before so it didn't result in any additional rash. I have to point out the damage for someone to notice. The engine now only starts cold but I suspect the problem is an easy fix. I must say that I am impressed by the durability of these bikes. This is the second time I've been down at low speeds on the same side and the damage has been minimal.
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Good to hear that you & the bike came out in decent shape.
I crashed a bicycle once on sanded asphalt & the road rash was unpleasant.
A fall from a tall bike is farther down... and of course the clothes aren't designed for such things.
Neither is the skin, eh? :eek:
yeah, they're tough... i've had a couple of hard get-offs on the track & only had to bend stuff like rearsets & sliders back into place. Even my gauge cluster ended up lying in the middle of the track one time... just zip tied/safety wired it back on & plugged it back in, worked like a charm, minus the outter clear plastic cover :D

Glad to hear you weren't hurt & the damage was minimal.

For the forks, that's usually an easy fix. Get it up on a front stand, loosten the steering head bolt & all the fork pinch bolts except one on each fork leg... this will let things move around w/o the forks slipping down in the tripples.... then just grab the handlebars, keep the front wheel still, twist it back into position & tighten everything up again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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