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Max tire size? HELP!

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has anyone put 150 17" rear tires on their EX? Will that work with a 110 17" front tire?
Want to give the bike a more aggressive look. Thanks.
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Keep a 110 in the front or should I put a 120 on? Thanks.
's up to you. i had a 110f/150r combo before i sold it and all it did was make it dive into corners very quickly, which i guess is WHY EX500 racers prefer it, as well as the better rubber compounds.
check the sig man, first gen with 16" STOCK rims.
pretty much all ex500 racers would tell you they run either a 110/70 or 120/65 up front w/ a 150/60 rear.

Whether they run the 110 or 120 is purely a matter of personal preference until you're getting within 110% of top expert lap times. Then you'll find more people on the 120 beacuse of grip and feel issues at the extreme limits of traction...

But untill then it seriously doesn't matter, so if you've got a 110 on there, run what ya brung, that's what I've got on my race bike.
Thanks for the advice. Ordered 120/70 17" 150/70 17" Pirelli "Diablo Strada" tires.
... well that's not good.

The sizes i listed are the MAX tire size that you'll want to run. What you ordered are tires that are even bigger. Aspect ratio DOES matter. The 120/70 might clear the fender & be alright, but i'm not so sure that a 150/70 will even fit,I think that'll be rubbing against your swingarm.
the 120/70 will be okay according to Rick from Underground Super-Cycles. I was looking for B-stones and said that the 120/70 is what most ex'ers use with their 150/60 rear.
crazy BRICKstone racers :D must be a tiiiight fit w/ tire warmers w/ those 120/70's;)

W/ the pirelli's, we run the 120/65.

Pirelli fo life!!! ;D
haha- yeah- I loved the Pirelli's after I got used to them.
May try Dunlops this year though.

edit- I do not run a front fender.
Better safe than sorry 120/65, 150/60. With 17" rims right?
Thanks. Over and out. need to correct that order.
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