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How was it ?

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it was a lot of fun! there were a few choppers around, some old bikes you don't see often (let alone running), good stop schedule, ride went smooth enough. took some real crappy back roads though. there was one corner that reminded me of the cork-screw at Leguna Seca... only backwards and rillded with potholes, 7 different kinds of pavement and about as smooth as rail road racks.

3 or 4 people crashed their rides (happens every year) to include this guy:


It's a funny story though. He's a weather guy shooting footage for the MDA ride right? he's got a mic tucked under his helmet, just completed the Rider's Edge program, his a pebble, panics, whoomps both brakes lockes up everything and goes sliding right into the ditch on a curve... in front of 1000 motorcycles... gets up, visibly pissed (and why not?) gets back on it, and rides to the casino where he proceeds to interview my buddy!

The news page for the Ride has this quote:

And a big thanks to all of you who supported NewsChannel Seven’s own rider – Chad Franzen!

More than $500 was raised to support his ride.


free lunch, drink vouchers, and the Casino gave us all $10 to gamble away. i won my $10 back and cashed out. thanks Northstar Casino!

All in all, **** fine weather for riding, a little rain but nothing prohibitive. You know, they say you meet the Nicest people on a Honda... but i say you meet the nicest people on two wheels.
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