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???I keep getting PM, emails and phone calls from people I don't know. Trying to connect these messages together is difficult. I see postings by "whatisface" get email from the same guy signed JC and payment comes from the guy's girlfriend with a completly diffrent name and email. I posted that everyone should fill in their profile data, and got a lot of static about security. (there ain't no such thing)
Now I have a Kennel name that I'm trying to find.

A list of the kennel names on the froum and links to their profiles would be helpfull.

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You'd be surprised FOG. Believe it or not, it just happened to Lucky#13 two days ago.

anyway, there's a list of all the members and a link to their profile on the members page. link is in the top link bar (next to the search field). You can search for members by using their email address, Instant Messanger Nickname (etc), as well as have the list appear in any direction and in any order like a spreadsheet. it's quite intuitive.

here's the link if you cannot find it.

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