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A recent post by @bpe got me to thinking about my tires. March of 2021 I mounted Michelin Pilot Street Radials in the factory sizes on my 2009. The pictures below were taken today in which time they have accumulated 8765 miles. It seems to me that I should have no problem getting 10 out of them, which I think is about right. These were all sport/touring miles, no track days or anything like that. Just for group FYI.

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They wear like absolute freaking iron, I go with Michelins on all my bikes, have run every tyre under the sun except a Shinko, do not think I will go there either. I have very little tread wear, the rear tyre is not getting squared off even though I do commute mostly on it, and our roads are set up like grids. Still the tyres are worn all the way to the edges as can be attested to my toe sliders on my boots 馃お

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After years of using all manner of tires I鈥檝e settled on Michelin for the last dozen years or so.

Not because of any kind of brand loyalty or advertising or any of that. I鈥檝e just found over the years that they last longer before the rubber goes 鈥渙ff鈥

I ran Bridgestones for a long time. All of the late 90s through around 2011 or so. Then on a whim, and because I鈥檇 felt how much lighter a pair of Michelins was compared to any other tires;I fitted a pair of Michelins to my Aprilia.

Grip compared to any other tire I鈥檇 used was excellent, but the real difference was in how long that grip lasted (# of heat cycles) versus how long the tread lasted.

My last set of Bridgestone Battle Axes was superb. At least the first riding season on them was. By the middle of the second riding season it felt like I was riding on ice. The grip versus the tread wear was inversely proportional. No grip; but plenty of tread.

A coworker convinced me to give Dunlop Q2 a shot and they were on sale at the time so I went for it. They were great for the 1st 2 seasons before they also 鈥渨ent off鈥 by the middle of season 3. That鈥檚 when I made the switch to Michelin. And I haven鈥檛 looked back.

I had Michelin Pilot Road 2/3s on my Aprilia and the grip lasted for years. I don鈥檛 think they went off at all until around 7-8 years in. When they did, the drop in grip was immediately noticeable

They just gave a little warning that it was time for new tires soon. The following season I fitted new Pilot Power Vs to the Aprilia and GSXR and Michelin Power GPs to my 996.

That鈥檚 what I have still, though I got 2 nails in the rear Power V on my Aprilia less than 4 months after fitting them. I wound up with a 2CT on the rear after that just because I found one on Amazon for a price I couldn鈥檛 pass up.

I won鈥檛 fit anything else to my bikes now. I really like that Michelins give a little warning that they鈥檙e in need of replacement rather than tossing you to sky by letting loose mid corner with no prior warning.
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