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Missile Build V2

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Can’t seem to access any of my old posts, but haven’t been around for a while.

Trying to get some buddies to come over and paint this with me.

and yes, before you ask ; my back hurts about 30 mins in , it’s time to stretch.

figured I would document since I’ll be changing it AGAIN to more of a upright position within the next few weeks to more of a thumper/brat thing

it is fun , handles well , and looks hot af in pictures (from its good side )

downside is it’s uncomfortable on lower back on long rides over 45 mins.

Need to figure how to bolt in these plates I made for electronics. Currently held with Metal Zip ties , not pretty , but not noticeable unless you’re looking
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Can’t seem to access any of my old posts,
Go to your profile page and click the number directly under "Replies". Click the number directly under "Discussions Started" to find threads you started.
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