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Modem reboot

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Does anyone know if I were to do a modem/router reboot , would or could it make the website run smoother for me? The "EX500 is not responding" messages have been hitting me hard and heavy the last week. I just did a speed test and it at record numbers for me. never done the reboot, looks complicated and scary. Don't know if I want to try it if it is not going to do any good.
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May be is not the modem. What browser and OS are you using to access the forum?
just unplug the power to reboot modem. clear browser cache and cookies.
Most of the time I use the windows 10 edge browser. Sometimes google chrome, but it does the same thing on google chrome, and I don't like the google chrome as well as the edge. I have no idea what an "OS" is.
just unplug the power to reboot modem. clear browser cache and cookies.
I have actually done that(unplugging the modem) but the manual to the modem give a whole different set of instructions for doing a reboot. I clear the cache and cookies on almost a daily basis, sometimes a few times a day. Even clean the hard drive quite often.
OS = Operative System.

I had a similar problem some time ago. The operating system (Win 7) installed a update of the Windows Update service (redundant, I know). This update was consuming half of the available RAM and 30% of the processor's capacity. It was necessary to disable the Windows Update service. From that moment I stop having slow network problems and the programs run faster.
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It's almost 100% not the modem/router... WiFi box... and doubtful a reset will do anything except require you to set the thing up again.
PITA if my reset gets hit on my router... damn ISP thinks it's a new connection and I have to set it up all over again.
Including the network name and password.

It's more likely an issue with Windows.
I get the same message occasionaly.
I also get the "A problem occured with the web page so it was reloaded" message on the iOS system on the iPhone, sometimes from this site but others also.

It's partially a problem with the OS of Windows or Mac and some sort of glitch on the sever end too.

Just break out a can full of gas and a handful of matches.
That'll solve it... no more messages. Haha

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Thanks, I'm going to look in to this. I guess I can assume that the modem reboot, is probably not going to help.
A reboot of the modem/router won't hurt anything other than a couple minutes of downtime. You can pull the plug, or there might be a specific Reboot button if you log into its web interface. A reset will return it to defaults and require you to reconfigure it, and is usually activated via a pinhole button.

It's not as big an issue lately, but earlier modem/routers used crappy weak hardware that simply couldn't handle a lot of connections (either simultaneously, or due to poor firmware, over a span of time). After they filled up, they simply stopped working, or worked very poorly. The only "fix" was a reboot to clear things out (until they filled back up again). The natural progression of technology has helped, but some ISPs are definitely still supplying crappy hardware.

If you want to try to troubleshoot the issue, you'll have to narrow down where the problem is actually happening. Open a Command Prompt and run "ping <ROUTER IP>" to check your connection to the router (if you don't know your router's IP, you can run "ipconfig" and look for the "Default Gateway" line). Then run "ping www.ex-500.com" to check the connection all the way to this server. You can try this from other PCs and to other websites to help narrow down what's working right and what isn't. Note that it's possible for your ISP to have network problems that affect only a portion of the Internet - some things will work fine, some things will have problems.

FYI, other than a handful of times there was actually a problem with the server, I don't recall ever seeing any error messages here. I'm obviously not monitoring the site 24x7, but it's not normal to be seeing lots of errors.
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Thanks Invisibill, I think I sort of get part of what you are saying. I will try to figure it out better. Usually problems I have on the computer seam to eventually fix them selfs on their own. Until it messes up again, and its just a vicious cycle. Another time consuming problem I run into a lot on the web site is, when typing, it will just stop typing. Banging on the keys harder wont make it work.
Thanks to everyone on this thread. I cant believe the response I'm getting. I thought this was the section where you put stuff that was meant to be ignored. :grin2:
Update: Did a right click version/run as administrator version of a disk clean-up. Required for deleting windows updates. When it showed how much space I could gain, it said 4TB's. I'm like what the heck is a TB. Checked it out on the wikipedea, and turns out its 1000 GB's. Oh no, and I had just cleared the windows updates about a month ago. Bottom line, still having problems. Fixxen to get the printer hooked up and get this page on paper. I need to check out the PING THING.
Probably won't help much of anything but just for s**** and giggles...

Hit the "Windows" key and the "R" key at same time. (the one key with a windows symbol).
Type in
Just like that, with percent signs.
Hit enter.

Mouse to bottom of list, left click and hold, highlight the whole list.
Right click, then delete.
Move to recycle.
One or two might pop up and say it can't be deleted because it's in use.
Click skip. Close the window.

If nothing else it clears a bunch of crap and may even speed you up a tad.

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