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Oct 1993 CCS/Race of Champions, Daytona, Lt Wt Supertwins (earlier in the day, before i blew the motor in LtWtSB and this ones DRY! )

I was gridded 2nd on pts but pole didn't show up and left me on pole for a near 80 bike start, mostly on built 750 Ducati's and 650 Hawks.
I got a killer launch and held em all off till the banks, a high point in EX racing for me i am sure.....
I come around lap 1 in top 10, ended up top 20 somewhere, but way ahead of the next Ex ...check the guy on the red '88 EX, same as mine SITTING UP around the banks on some type of demented Sunday drive..

Winner if i recall was K. Watanabe from Calif on a Superhawk 750 built to the hilt, I have some complete lap footage, will do a laptime and see what he (and me) was doing but he came around lap 1 with like a 15 second lead over everybody already....
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