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i got this guy wanting to sell me this '02 ninja zx6r for 4 grand.......i dont know much about pricing a bike like this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
here are a few mods that have been done to it

Super stock race engine

Race gears in tranny

Vortex front sprocket

Vortex rear sprocket

Vortex rear sets

Customs paint job including custom true fire tank with skull inside

Cheetah race fairings

Polished frame

Polished swing arm

Polished fairing stay

Custom under tail w/ integrated turn signals

Polished lips on wheels

Clear double bubble wind screen

Full muzzy race exhaust with 8 pressure release points

Tire hugger

Traction dynamics internals in both rear shock and front forks

Custom jet kit

Electronic fuel pump

Custom air induction system with k&n air filter

White gauges

Custom green and black seats


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I would never buy anything modified to this extent. Maybe its just me but trying to diagnose problems on any vehicle that has been heavily modified can be nearly impossible, even for an experienced mechanic. Plus the reason most bikes get repainted is because they got wadded.

There is certainly a lot there for $4K but I personally would run away.
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