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Neutral light on aftermarket gauges

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So the green wire to the guages neutral light is actually a neutral so hooking it to a regular light is unlikely to work. Im not sure the best solution but mine was to attach a simple single pole dual throw (SPDT) relay wired the following way. Hope this helps someone.


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I am going to assume that when in neutral the contact is closed and anything with a positive feed is powered up by this switch. About $00.60
Using a IN4005 diode rated at 1 amp & 600 volts-I suggest this as it is very popular, a IN4003 or https://www.vishay.com/docs/88503/1n4001.pdf.
If what I said is correct, connecting the neutral switch wire to the cathode and your LED negative terminal to the anode. Then connecting your positive terminal of your LED to a fused positive source or what ever you wish to use this circuit for. The reason for the diode, it prevents the positive source feeding into the neutral wire circuit through the added LED , just in case the positive source for the neutral switch was open or missing.

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