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NEW EXHAUST !!! (Jet carb tips ??? )

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hey guys how's it going?

I got a new exhaust for my 500R/Ex-500 :

Last photo is my jet-carb kit. Anyone done this before and have any tips/suggestions? Thanks!
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I can't say who's right or wrong, I haven't tried either method yet (and you're crazy if you think I'm paying for a jet kit ;P). What I do know is that FOG has the most seat/dyno/race time on these bikes. The only real way to solve any of it would be with dyno sheets and time slips and it's not worth fighting about as bench-racers.

But on top of everything I'm going with results. 9 out of 10 people that have talked about installing their exhaust have just tuned the pilots and been golden. No jet changes, no shims, just pop out the caps and grab a screwdriver. Honestly, I'd try that first, you don't even have to take the carbs off and if everything runs well afterward then you're done. Just put the exhaust on and try it out, you're not going to kill the bike with a short test ride and evaluation. Most likely you'll get some popping on decel, which can be ignored if you don't mind it (my bike's done it since I "fixed" the exhaust. If you get a flat spot (around 6000 to 8000 rpms) then you need to hit the pilots. If tuning the pilots doesn't work, then you don't have a choice but to pull the carbs and swap the jets.
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Art1989 said:
Nicks a nice guy, but I'm telling you straight up if you run a full system such as the muzzy or D&D you need to changes the mains to make it run right, selecting the correct main jets is the first step in the tunning process and the pilots have little or nothing to do with 6000 to 8000 rpm range unless your cruising at 1/8 throttle or less and have a surging problem so adjusting them to cure a flat spot at 8000 is ridiculous, use the tuning guide, good information written by professionals. I've been building and modding and racing bikes since the early 80s I've had allot of bikes and most of them are big bikes, I know that the EX500 is a beginners bike and I think thats where the problem with this web site stems from, you don't have allot of people buying these bikes to hot rod or race and even the some what experienced guys are afraid to touch the carbs. You heard all the horror stories about flat spots, well don't change your mains with that muzzy pipe and you to will have an unhappy story to tell! I don't mean to insult anyone, and you can believe what ever you like. Just follow the jet kit instructions as I told you and don't be scared to pull the carbs they are not some magical device that you'll screw up by touching them as many seem to believe, just keep them clean and again follow the instructions, none of these people know more about jetting than Factory Pro or Dynojet. And don't believe all the BS on here it comes from inexperience or experience with people who don't know what the hell they are doing. I want to leave you with this, with what I've done to this 89 EX it will power wheelie in first gear at about 4500 RPMs and I don't mean with clutch I mean twist the grip and it comes up to the pivot point and will flip if you not careful, and the gearing is only a 16 and 45 (2.81 to 1), not the 15 and 44 (2.93 to 1) that others are running how many stock air boxed, slip-on piped EXs will do that, speak up if yours will. Maybe I'm crazy but the bikes I ride/race make hp in the 160s not 50s, so you believe who ever you want, but follow the god damed instructions that came with your jet kit!
Dyno runs are cheap enough, why not throw it on there and try it out? You won't have a benchmark from before, but I'd like to see what kind of power you're putting down. Also, what kind of gas mileage are you getting with it jetted? I can understand trying to pull out every last bit of performance, I'm just curious if there's a point when it goes a little rich at times and everyday performance may suffer.

Just out of curiosity, if he were to just adjust the pilots and it ran great and didn't have a flat spot, why would it be wrong? What would be the downside to having not jetted it?

And just to be clear, those are honest questions, no sarcasm intended. I'm going for education here, not an argument.

MrSciTrek said:
Well... nobody who read this stuff can say people here have no passion. :eek:
Isn't that the truth :D.
SoarAndEnvision said:
! - good idea - heheheh - :) let me try that
Bahahahaha! That's some funny stuff, looks like something I'd do and have to redo. You could almost use it for a kickstand ;).

That definitely looks great, that's an awesome exhaust. That stainless piping looks really good. If you have the means you should post up a sound file or a video, I'd like to hear what it sounds like.
dragknee said:
i like the popping :(
Don't worry, you're not the only one. A healthy amount just adds character :p.
Any pics after you moved the pipe to the other side of the bracket? Just curious if you got around to switching it over yet.
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