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NEW EXHAUST !!! (Jet carb tips ??? )

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hey guys how's it going?

I got a new exhaust for my 500R/Ex-500 :

Last photo is my jet-carb kit. Anyone done this before and have any tips/suggestions? Thanks!
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Yeah. Throw out the jet kit. Keep your needles stock, and ONLY change your main jets and pilot settings. No new needles, no drilling slides, none of that crap. It's more heartache and trouble than it's worth. You can get the same effect with just jets and shims under stock needles.

Hell, I'm running open pod filters, and all I did was swap in new main jets and raise the needles .020" with a shim. (Out 7 whole dollars) Bike runs perfect. Dynojet kits are a waste of money.

Exhaust mods are much less painful on a bike than airbox mods. You can usually get away with running an aftermarket exhaust with bone stock carbs, but it will pop and backfire on decelleration. 99% of what you need is a new main jet. An exhaust alone doesn't provide enough extra flow to lean out the low end such that new needles are required. In my experience, Dynojet needles are WAY, WAY WAYWAYWAY too rich on the bottom. If the bottom is a little lean, or you have a flat spot in the center of the rpm range, raising the needle .020" is all you need, assuming the main jet is spot on.

1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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