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So I've officially sold my EX 500, and acquired a GSXF 750 to replace it.

As sad as I was to see it go, I was glad to hear it sold so quickly. Apparently, it was purchased before it ever hit the floor at my dealership. Someone inquired about it, while it was being checked over in the garage. But then again, I always kept it in top shape, so not all that surprising.

The new bike has a Yosh system, which makes it scream around 5000 rpm's. It's only downfall, is its weight when stationary. Backing this thing up, even a slight incline, will certainly give you quads of steel. But overall, it's an awesome ride. I've already put almost 400 k's on the thing, in about a week's time.

Pictures forthcoming. But ya...It's a done deal.
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