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New toy to hit the market !

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Hey all, check it out

They refer to it as a snowmobile on wheels or a crossover between an ATV and a motorcycle

It's to be build by BRP in Valcourt (the ski-doo/sea-doo plant)

1000cc engine

To be launched Feb 9th in San Diego

Ah ! I am already in love.. ::)

Maybe we could slap some studded winter tires on and ride this puppy all year round ..
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BRP.......... Can-Am?!

well, you just KNOW that's going to be over 20g's...
yes, can-am, my bad, used to the old way they called it..

I guess we'll have to wait a bit for the exact price to be released...

I hope I won't have to sell a kidney to get mine ;)

*edit* eh, found somewhere that it might be priced between 10 to 15k US
Hell it used to be called just Bombardier, then BRP, now Can-Am... i wish they'd make up their minds!

knowing 'The Company' and having a few of their products myself, the one everyone is going to want is going to be over 20g's...
well, to be very precise, Bombardier still exists (making trains, metro and planes), but now they sold their recreationnal products division (snowmobiles, atv, sea-doo, whatever they make)

So the recreational product division changed their name when they became a company by themselves to Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) still being owned (partially) by the Bombardier family.

Then they revived a name that was previously used (Can-Am) to help the anglophones customers pronounce their name and to sound more catchy I assume..

Got that from the Financial Post ;) So don't blame me if I'm wrong, just kindly correct me, I'll take care of notifying the F.P. crew if need be.

Good night to all, I'm heading home ;D
You call that a trike?
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I hate trikes. :mad:
Reminds me of the mullet. "Business in the front, party in the back." :eek:
Render said:
Reminds me of the mullet. "Business in the front, party in the back." :eek:
Wow...oddly true!
Won't be doing much lane splitting in that... If your going to have a trike, you should have some protection from the weather. If not, whats the point?


Frog said:
To be launched Feb 9th in San Diego

Every time I see trikes I see the worst of both worlds combined into one thing. All the mass and cumbersome size without the weather protection.

Reminds me of the T-Rex without a top. Hey, if DMX has one, its gotta be the most balla sh!t eva!

I wonder if it is going to have power steering? Does not look that easy to turn. :) ;D
I was at the International Motorcycle Show this weekend and saw something similar.


It doesn't look as cool, though.
Kaw89_III said:
I wonder if it is going to have power steering? Does not look that easy to turn. :) ;D
Here's the answer I got from the NY times :
There will be two transmission choices: with a five-speed manual, the price is $14,999; with a five-speed sequential gearbox that deletes the clutch lever from the handlebars, the price is $16,499. The prices include electric power steering, a reverse gear and antilock brakes.
some of the top ATVs already have Electric Power Steering.
it is indeed very curious design. However, IMHO, it would not bring as much pleasure to me to ride it
Scooter with independent front (dual) suspension is designed to lean around the corner. This thing, on the other hand, could never do it. So, there is a lot less fun factor built into it!
Paying 15-16 G for somehing that even doesn't have a tall windscreen is waste of dough! ;D
For those interested, here's the official site : http://www.opentheroad.com/
Forget those, the carver beats them all hands down. Only problem is they're in the UK
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