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Newbie who hasn't started fully

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Been on this dream of wanting a sport bike of my own for the last year and a half. After a lot of sporadic research, preparation and finally being able to get this 2008 Ninja 500. 14k miles

I'm now only a couple steps away. Insurance, endorsement, and lots of practice.

Some major help would be a self maintenance check process. Im confident on this bike, more than I was on my buddy's FZ6, but man I'm terrified of treating her badly because I don't know enough about motorcycle engines. I check oil and coolant each time. But with the history I received from purchase. I'm nervous as to what she may not be able to tell me.

Two years ago, she was sold to someone with a parts bike. I'm gonna be picking up that parts bike that has 60% of it left. (not sure what is bad on it yet).

The buyer didn't get too far into rebuilding it. Sold it too his buddy who fixed her up. Claimed an issue with the clutch. He sold it to one more guy who didn't find any issue with the clutch and thinks it was user error. (I'm thinking the other guy didn't know about rolling it a little to find the gear fit).

So four possible owners. Only one registered. Not showing up as stolen, the multiple times I've checked these last several weeks.

Runs and drives and my buddy who drove it the hour home, put it through it's few different paces, and unbeknownst to me til arriving home, did max out the 130mph speed but had no concerns other than the fairings are trashed and poorly connected and want to fly off.

Has aftermarket muzzy exhaust. Only fairing dmg and dent in the gas tank, dent in the exhaust, small small dent in the rim, rashes on the left side handle, clutch, and pegs and I bought it for $1900. So my goal is to learn a lot on her. And with some spit, polish and elbow grease. Want to get her back to looking slick and clean. And sell for $3500ish.

Thoughts and predictions would be welcome. And any insight as to what to do to make sure I get to keep her running and happy would be appreciated.
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