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Not seeing thumbnails in posts

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In a lot of postings now, instead of seeing thumbnails, I just see some text. Like this: Blah blah blah post post post Attached Thumbnails No actual thumbnails, just the words "Attached Thumbnails" Any idea what is going on?
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Try a different web browser, first. For example: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari. After logging in, do you see it correctly?

If yes, clear your browser cache. Need help with that? Or did that work?
^+1 Must be something on your end, I'm seeing them.
Thanks for the input. It *might* have been my flash was out of date. I updated that, but that caused me to also restart firefox. Not sure which fixed it. But I'm good now. I did try a different browser, and I saw the forum for the first time without an adblocker. OMG, the site is almost unusable. It is like a salute to intrusive ads, bad video ads (where the volume off button just happens to disappear when to go to mute, so you jump to a new page), click-bait. Crazy. I get the need for ads... but that was way too much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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