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I'm probably the last guy to have won races sitting up neat on the bike. While in my latter years I did shift a little weight and stuck out my knee a bit , the only thing I ever touched with it was the top of the curbs in 1 and 1a. Loading the pegs and adjusting your position are very important for sure. But hanging way off dosn't seem to be more than a style. On a bike that has abundant power to spin the tide perhaps. On an EX no. There is very little diffrence in Steady state cornering speed between all bikes reguardless of thier lap times, The positioning of the bike to take best advantage of it's capabilities is what make the more powerfull bike lap faster. Ok that's a little Vague, What I'm saying is that controling the attitude of the bike with body position (hanging off to keep the tire on the fat part) can allow the faster bikes to get on the power sooner. That's about it. Peg steering is another matter. Generally weighting the outside peg will limite the rear slide somewhat and converslly weight on the inside peg will increase the slide. Expert races will use this feature to steer with. You won't.
I found on the EX, that wobbled like crazy in really fast turns (above 80 MPH), was that weighting the outside and driving my outside knee into the tank hard while letting the bars float would keep the wobbles under control. Moving foward and back helped too.
A can't emphsize enough that these techniques and strictlly for the race track, and are really a stupid way of getting killed on the street.


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yeah, your post is right on & I shoulda made your last point in the other thread... 1/2 the reason why I do it on the street is simply to keep my body moving around to stay loose. i get pretty cramped if i stay in one spot on long rides, so I try to keep moving around. I can ride hard all day on the track & not get sore, but a long highway ride where I'm in the same spot all day will kill me. With that said, yes, you can still benefit from using your body when riding normally on the street cuz physics always applies.... but so does common sense, so don't get yourself into trouble goin too fast & bein an idiot.

When it comes to what track technique works for me, i've got a bunch of pics of me in drastically different positions.... two extreme examples:
hangin WAAAAAYYY off at turn-in, head stickin out - http://bikepics.com/pictures/569136/
hangin off a little at apex, head tucked in - http://bikepics.com/pictures/637953/
Again, two examples of me experimenting w/ what works best. I tend to hang off a good amount, but not as much as that first pic. You can kinda see in my avatar that the whole centerline of my body is pretty much in line w/ the inside plane of the bike (if that makes sense). It's just what I find to be comfortable. I can do it w/o upsetting the chasis by body movment & it helps me focus deep into the turn. You can see in the first pic I'm looking further ahead and hanging off "reminds" me to do so.

Body positioning is unique to everyeone... but it's still the same general form.

For wobbles mid-turn i found the same thing as you - relax up top & use your outside leg... and making sure my butt was off the seat helped as well. Down at VIR on the North course my bike would wobble BIGTIME going through the kink on the front straight, topped out in 6th gear. Arching my back to smooth the airflow & lifting my butt off the seat and using my legs to absorb some of the movment helped out alot. Before I learned that "trick" there was one lap that the bike was in a wobble from just after the kink all the way through the braking zone & almost to the apex of turn 1, flexing back & forth under me the whole way :-X
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