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perfect timming

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Just returned from Germany after a 3 week vacation, saw alot of those Smart Cars, a car nut at my job told me they were made by MB so I knew. Had a diesel Audi there that I took on the Nurmbering as I always do. This time family came with me to the beautiful Eiffel region and we stayed at a farm with goats, bunnies and a ponies. Gas was close to 8 bux/gallon but car got amazing gas mileage, fast sport wagon 140 mph with family in it and 600 miles on a tank possibly. All season tyres hold you back on the "Ring" but the Quattro system is the cats ass, every Quattro I ever rented was amazing. I know your a MB fan, but I always go for the "auto-union" badge when over seas. Peace out, get a Honda Monkey if you really want good gas mileage LOL.
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