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Petcock Surprise

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Does anyone here know if the bike will still run after I switch the petcock lever to off?

My bike does not die after switching the petcock to off ( i just found out)
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yes it will, for a short time. Shutting off the petcock only turns off fuel flow to the carb bowls, which have fuel in them already.
i must have some really big bowls since it ran for a half hour before i turned it off....
Your bowls can't be any bigger than the next guy's...
It should be obvious that your petcock isn't working. Try removing the vacum line.
if you were just letting the bike Idle in the drive way with the petcock off it will run for about 15-20 minutes almost... but i wouldn't think 30.. check to make sure you turned it off and not to reserve
hollywood said:
Uh, you said petcock huh huh...sorry :(
Nobody likes a smart ass.
Except me of course.
this thread title is awesome

all joking aside, petcock rebuild kits, or the seals from ronayers, are cheap, 20$-40$
Mulcibre said:
this thread title is awesome

Yeah man, this title rocks.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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