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Phoenix / Arizona - Sign UP HERE !!

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Any Phoenix AZ riders here ??? sign up here and send me an email - making runs to Prescott and where ever... need to get out and relax send me an email... looking for people in AZ to swap stories and mods and whatnot.... it's always easyer to do a mod if you can see it in person.....

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I'm also in Gilbert(Higley and Riggs). I had a gs500e before moving back to AZ from Chicago and decided having an air-cooled engine here was a bad idea and wanted to keep the comfort, ease of riding, and gas mileage I was used to. I got my '07 ex500 in July and have already put 3200 miles on it. The bike is my daily commuter and the '90 408ci Mustang which gets single digit mpg is the fair weather toy.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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