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Phoenix / Arizona - Sign UP HERE !!

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Any Phoenix AZ riders here ??? sign up here and send me an email - making runs to Prescott and where ever... need to get out and relax send me an email... looking for people in AZ to swap stories and mods and whatnot.... it's always easyer to do a mod if you can see it in person.....

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Prescott valley. Had mine 6 months and just moved here. Would love to meet some people to ride with.
Hey all. I live up in Prescott valley. There are some really nice scenic roads to ride on here. Being from Kansas the mountain curves and the height take a bit of getting used to, But after that, WOW! There are a couple of roads from Prescott and Valley that I have found to be very exhilarating. If anyone is interested hwy 89 white spur hwy south from Prescott is recently paved asphalt and nice and wide in the turns. Highway 89A north from Prescott Valley climbs through the mountains, past 7500 ft. and through the little town of Jerome. The road needs some work and the guard rails would let a rescue crew know where to look over the cliff if something went really wrong. Aside from that the scenery is awesome! ;D
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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