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Phoenix / Arizona - Sign UP HERE !!

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Any Phoenix AZ riders here ??? sign up here and send me an email - making runs to Prescott and where ever... need to get out and relax send me an email... looking for people in AZ to swap stories and mods and whatnot.... it's always easyer to do a mod if you can see it in person.....

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Phoenix rider checking in! My fiance' and i ride, he has an SV650. We mostly just run around town- Gilbert- but have taken a few longer trips. Waiting for the temp to drop below 110 so i can actually enjoy my rides a bit more but may hit up Payson this weekend.
Be safe out there! Watch out for the snowbirds and the college kids!
Okidata said:
2 Phoenicians checking in! Looking for people to ride with I ride 2k9 zx6r (LOVE IT!)
The wife will be riding the infamous - fabulous - the Classic!!! 2k9 EX500R
only problem is it wont be in her her hands till June 6th or the 13th.

So we are looking to do the Bartlette Lake Run
then the Prescott and Jerome there after!

We'd love company :)

09 ZX6!! Im so jealous! That bike is a dream!!!
Headed to the Pavilions tomorrow! PM me if interested!
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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