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Hiya folks,

What with people requesting pictures in so many topics, including the Calendar project, it seems that some ideas about taking great pics would be appropriate.

From Kodak.com, with some added commentary...
Try also- http://wwwca.kodak.com/CA/en/consumer/guideToBetterPictures/next/index.jhtml

1) lower the camera to the subject level (or just above or below)
This works for kids, puppies, & motorcycles.

2) Keep the background simple (&/or out of focus) to emphasize the subject... your bike.

3) Use flash outdoors in daylight to help fill in shadows or darker surfaces.
Read your camera manual (online too) & know the flash's range (Kodak tip 8)

4) Move in closer... esp for small or detailed objects (but make sure it stays in focus)

5) Try turning the camera vertical too... some subjects look better that way.

6) Lock the focus on the main subject when the picture includes both near & far objects.
Formany/most cameras: center the subject- which is where many cameras focus, push the shutter
1/2 way down & hold, reframe the picture and snap away.

7) Move the subject somewhat off center, especially in scenes w/ nature.
Pics with the horizon above or below center are visually more interesting (remember to lock focus).

8- Use the sunlight: morning & late afternoon sunlight allows for some interesting shadow effects.
Reposition the nike at different angles looking for the best pic.
Try pics w & w/o flash... compare results.

9) Be a picture director: use your imagination, experiment with positioning the subjects.
Different angles w/ the sunlight (or streetlight), background & all the above.
Read our camera manual for ideas on silhouette pics.
Try the same pic 2-3 different ways: get closer and zoom out (wide angle)
move farther and zoom in (telephoto)
It can make a big difference in the relative proportions of a bike from an angled view.

Try also:

I just got myself a medium format camera to add to the family of light-machines in my kit!

Maybe I'll be able to make some neat images with that :)

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I just posted some pictures of my bike once I added the Comp werkes fender eliminator, and yeah the background distracts a lot from the picture :(
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