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Who needs a touring bike when you have an EX!

So rather than spend a beautiful weekend driving my car 3 hours north, I've opted to stash most of my crap in other cars and take my bike up solo ;D

All I had with me is my crappy cell phone camera last night. I'll post up some good ride pics on Monday :)

Any of you Canadians ever camp at Cyprus Lake in Tobermory? That's where I'll be heading to this weekend! this is going to be a good chance to test how much camping gear I can pile on the bike, since after our "Ride to the Track" weekend, I'll be taking off for some camping up in Algonquin for the rest of the weekend :)

And here's hoping my 'down to the wear bar' tires last me. :(

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^Besides environmental benefits of one less car on the road, I'll be saving lots of cash too :) $1.08 a litre is less of a hit in my bike than old Protie. (Plus I can whip my bike around and beat everybody there!)

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As soon as i can afford land and a house, i'm going independent energy. the power company will be paying ME for MY excess energy.

Geothermal heating and cooling
Solar Panels
Wind generator
sun heated hot water

i'll be living for next to nothing but my food... and i'll raise my own beef while i'm at it.
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