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We meet for our first ride of the season tomorrow (Saturday) 8:00 AM.
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Anyone wanting to tag along PM me for more details.馃槂

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I used to do 10,000 to 12,000 a year in North Jersey, I had Vetter Hippo Hands on my Eliminator and Nighthawks, as they had bar mounted mirrors, they worked amazing, sometimes I could use a light leather glove inside them when the temperatures where not hellacious. When I got my VFR, the muff solution (sounds funny) would not work anymore, I recall I always used an electric vest, so the next logical thing was to try out their electric gloves (as they were compatable and just daisy chained onto their rig - Shameless plug WIDDER LECTRICS) that is the way I ended my cold riding career in New Jersey.

It is 45 here is South Florida this AM, I plan on riding in, I have a one piece Aerostich, (on my third one) which serves me well. Gota go, good luck in the winter avoid black ice and just generally bad roads. Peace
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