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I miss the politic section enjoyed the banter. not enough participation?

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I remember that section the first time round... it tended to escalate quickly! Lots of heated comments, no compromise... ever... I loved it! For all the wrong reasons!

Kept the admins busy though, lol...
It lives See Charlottesville

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Hey there,

This would have to be something that will need to be discussed with the moderator team.
Though if this section was already removed, I assume that this will not come to for wishing again.

it already exists. sub-forum in off-topic, by invite/request only access.
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Last I checked, it was still there.
It gets heated in short form.
I don’t post because it’s a hot button bunch of bull with horse **** politicing with easily offended participants. Some take in stride and well....
Panties get in a bunch.

That's why it's supposed to be a "ADULT" forum. where you can logically explain your point of view.


Were you able to find it ok?

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