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Here's a quick guide to uploading an avatar photo!

First, click on Profile

Next, Forum Profile Settings.

That takes you to this window.

If you have some software on your computer, you can resize the photo to be less than 125 pixels wide and upload it using the "Browse" option. Keep the file size as small as you can...

If you have your own webspace hosted somewhere and want to link a photo, use 'I have my own Pic' and insert the link like mine is.

If you need to host it somewhere, check out [url]http://www.flickr.com/ [/url]

More info on posting pics can be found in this thread - http://www.ex-500.com/index.php/topic,118.0.html

You can also add personal text, as I did, below the photo if you want to list the year, model, etc, of your bike, or some annoying catch phrase like mine!

Hope that helps - feel free to change anything I did wrong :)

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I can shrink my photos down bit it still won't accept them saying that there either too big or not an avatar, its annoying so i just quit trying.
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