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Question about new tires and alignment...

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I am just painting my '90 EX and for the time being have removed my front tire. My question is, when I put it back on, is there any special alignment that needs to done (as the rear tire needs)?

Also, while on the subject, I will be getting new tires come the holiday season. I know that the selection of tires is different with my 16" rim. I am looking for a 110 front and 140 rear and as sticky as possible. But I have heard that wider tires on the rear will actually decrease my handling. Is this true? I currently have a pair of 2 year old 110/120 (front/rear) Dunlops.
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If the alignment was good before you take the wheels off, it should be the same when you put the wheels back on. You MUST align the rear wheel in the swing arm. DO NOT use the marks on the swing arm. I use a tape measure to align the rear wheel. Measure the distance between the axle and the swing arm pivot bolt on both sides, the measurements should be the same.

Mounting larger tires will "slow down" the steering on your bike. That means it will take more effort to turn the bike.
I run Avon AM23/AM22 in 140 rear and 110 front, the thing steers like a bus. I find the stickiest tires are the Avon AM23 (race compound, not for the street, won't last very long) or the Bridgestone BT055 (again won't last long on the street).
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