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Question for FOG, Mods

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I am going to be racing an EX500 this year at Loudon, the bike is new to me, a 1995. I've read this forum and have a couple of questions:

1. The ignition has been advanced on this bike by 5 degrees, is the Air Box Mod/pilot screws still a good idea/just as effective with advanced ingnition? Any special instructions that goe with advanced timing?

2. I have seen an ad for a lightened fly wheel from bgracing.com, your thoughts on this mod please.....will it require any additional adjustments or is it plug and play so to speak, pros and cons??!!

3. I've also read on this forum and have been told, that the front end wiggles in high speed turns, any adjustments or aftermarket fixes?

4. I read on this forum that you fabricated a rear sprocket guard to protect toes in case of a fall, do you or anyone have a picture/instructions/source for this part?

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Girls will generally be lower mass & get a little acceleration/braking advantage.
Plus, (maybe) a recent PBS show on men/women & testosterone indicated that some males let into competition & their testosterone can rise too much. Then they can push harder than their experience & skill would allow... costs a lot of time, eh. Females, who also react to competition w/ changing testosterone... but it tends to stay moderated.

Cool head, light touch, lower center of gravity, lower mass... plus some guys get all goofy when they know they're competing against gals. Don't laugh, but I saw it at the Scholastic Chess Supernationals in Knoxville some 10+ years ago. I saw some urban guys amp up their macho when they got paired against girls. It's high risk, especially after bragging how they've "got an easy win." If the game was even, or they fell a little down on power or position, they get psyched out and, if the gal kept her wits about her, BLOWN AWAY!

I can see a cool-headed, smooth technique light woman rider whomping on the macho-headed guys, or those with a considerable weight penalty, or high-T.

Is that close to the reality, FOG, or is it other factors?
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Sliding Fire Trick.... now that sounds like a great story to share w/ bike-buds over a beer.
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