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rear brake caliper issue

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I have took off the rear caliper this afternoon and the inside pad keeps falling out of place. Once the caliper is remounted it stays in place however.

I don't want this to jam the wheel or drag against the rotor. Is this normal operation? There are no clips holding the pad in place, the anti rattle clip is installed....

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If I remember correctly, I thought the outside pad was supposed to come out before the inside pad. With the outside pad in place, I don't think the inside pad should fall out. Is the pad broken? Do you have a Clymer's manual that has a schematic you can look at?

BTW - on mine the outside pad fell off until I put it on the rotor. At that point, the rotor keeps it from falling off.

EDIT: Also, when I say inside pad, I mean the one closest to the caliper body.
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