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Rear end always seems skiddish...

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I have a 2001 EX500 that I just bought not too long ago as my first bike. I've noticed that when I turn into a corner quickly or am leaned over somewhat far (not near the bike's limits, I'm sure) that the rear wheel will often lose traction and skid a bit, until regaining traction. Needless to say this has made me a bit hesitant to ride my bike hard, which is a bummer.

The bike's had 2 previous owners, so is it possible that the suspension has been tweaked? I'm a light guy (around 130lbs), so maybe the suspension needs to be softened a bit or something? Is it adjustable?

The tires have a decent amount of tread left. I'm not sure how good they are, though. They're Bridgestone Spitfires, 110/90 front and 130/90 rear. Both have about 30psi in them. What is the larger-than-stock tire size doing to the handing?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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that 130/90 sidewall is probably flexing too much during lean. change the rear to the stock size, 130/70R17 to correct.

i'm surprised that you're not complaining about the front... that should be a 110/70R17.
Do you mean one with a taller than stock profile? or wider than stock?
SuprSonik said:
Thanks for the replies.

The front seems to do it too, but it is less noticeable than the rear. Could increasing tire pressure help with this problem until I get new tires?
I don't honestly know if it would help or not... i've never run taller profile tires on a bike before. I've done it on quad tires and it made the whole bike sloppy just from the sidewall flex. i guess it would help keep the sidewalls shapely, but running high pressures have other side effects to other portions of the tire. Honestly, i wouldn't ride it any further than i would have to in that condition. find yourself some decent tires and slap them on. If you want to stick with the stock sizes, Pirelli makes great tires according to those who have them. otherwise you can put a 110/70 or a 120/65 up front and a 140/70 or 150/60 in the rear. that will open up some newer technology for you, such as the Michelin Pilot Power in the 110/70~150/60 combination. the pilot power tires are PHENOMINAL. You wont be disappointed with those at all. if you are, there's something wrong with you.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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