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Rear end always seems skiddish...

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I have a 2001 EX500 that I just bought not too long ago as my first bike. I've noticed that when I turn into a corner quickly or am leaned over somewhat far (not near the bike's limits, I'm sure) that the rear wheel will often lose traction and skid a bit, until regaining traction. Needless to say this has made me a bit hesitant to ride my bike hard, which is a bummer.

The bike's had 2 previous owners, so is it possible that the suspension has been tweaked? I'm a light guy (around 130lbs), so maybe the suspension needs to be softened a bit or something? Is it adjustable?

The tires have a decent amount of tread left. I'm not sure how good they are, though. They're Bridgestone Spitfires, 110/90 front and 130/90 rear. Both have about 30psi in them. What is the larger-than-stock tire size doing to the handing?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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What of the front tire? Can an oversized front hurt steering?
Knightslugger said:
Do you mean one with a taller than stock profile? or wider than stock?
I guess we were looking into taller tires? What kind of results should you expect from either?
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