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Rear suspention mods

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I'm new to this site (sorry for the double post if you read this in newbie corner). I'm looking for tech support for some mods to the old (95) ninja500, soon to be the new streetfighter 500.
My biggest job right now is tuning the rear suspention. I want to raise the seat and stiffen the rearshock (for the big and tall rider). Anyone if I can just swap out a stiffer spring (and where to get one) or know of any cheap used shocks that will do the job?
It is a real problem, in tight corners I sometimes bottom out.
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Search through the topics here. One of them was talking about how to jack up the rear end.
Another topic had a guy who made his own "dogbones" and installed them to raise the seat.

Maybe someone else can chime in w/ potential replacement spring/shock.
There's another thread here on homemade (cheap!) DOGBONES that, I think, raises the rearend which allows more ground clearance.
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