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2nd Generation Bikes
Remove the seat.

Remove the large Phillips head screw on the side of the fairing.

Remove the 2 grab rail bolts and remove the grab rail.

Remove the 2 license plate bracket screws and remove the bracket.

Remove this screw. (Doing the right hand side fairing)

Pull the front of the fairing towards you to remove from this grommet.

Then pull the fairing straight back towards the rear of the bike to remove from a grommet at the rear. Now it is off.

When reinstalling, make sure this part on the inside of the fairing

fits into this grommet, pushing it in from the rear towards the front.

At the same time this part on the center piece must align properly with the fairing.

Make sure the place under the tail light where the left and right fairings meet

are fitted together properly.

Push the front of the fairing back into the grommet at the front. Then the rest of the parts go back in reverse order.
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