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Riders in Utah (SLC area and beyond)

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Hey my names Edward and I'm dying to hit up the canyons with anyone. Hit me up on MSN/Live messenger at [email protected]. I'm in sandy, Utah so anytime anywhere I'm usually ready to ride.
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I am still around, Just trying to come up with enough $$$ for new sprocket and chain.

Until then the bike is collecting dust. Soon as i have them i am up for a ride anytime.

We all need to hit up Nebo loop!! one of my favorites. or fairview canyon if you are up for a long one.
I should be ordering the needed parts soon (hopefully). You got a chain rivet/break tool? really dont want to have to buy one since i can barely get the $ for the chain itself.
Enteris513 said:
Hey names Kolby i'd be down for a ride anytime but uh i recently wrecked up big cottonwood canyon (as in recently i mean last night) front end is all messed up so if any of you guys know a good repair shop/ place to get replacements parts easily i'd appreciate the info! e-mail me at [email protected]
Glad you are thinking about getting the bike fixed and back out there. whats the extent of the damage?

I had a little get-off myself last week and am in the repair process
what happened to you?
Sorry to hear it. Hopefully things will work out!
progress is slow. Money is slim... trying to sell off some stuff so i can get the parts $.
hopefully i can get a couple rides in before it gets to cold. would love to do fairview canyon or payson canyon again this year.
I wish i was able to even get out. The loss of the job and the need of new sprockets and chain forced me to park the bike till i could get the parts.
I have them now but with no chain rivet tool i am still stuck without my bike. South valley motorsports wants $140 for install. Crazy!!
So until i get the $100 for a good rivet tool i am stuck.

If i can get it before the sow hits i will ride.
Really want to get nebo loop or fairview canyon another go this year.
I will never forget that day. I was having a good run thru, and then... u were gone.
We do need to get with Benny and some of the others for a run thru Nebo or something.
I might have applied there but i cant remember i will have to check.
I hope it goes well, and you have a fast recovery from it.
Next time dont work so hard!! :)
thats part of why we ride. life is an experience. doesnt do you any good to just sit around and let it go by.
I been working lots lately. nice to have work again. hopin to get a new car asap. gotta sell the old truck :(
well, got the bike out and running again for the summer. My good friend has just purchased his first bike so. I very happy to help him learn and all that.

let me know when any of you are ready for a ride. I can not wait until some of the canyons are nice and clear and ready for the riding.
found the time to head out for a ride on Sunday. The ride was a total of 290miles, not too bad...
my bro in-law came along for the entire ride even tho he is still learning and is very new.
we need to get back out there... maybe this weekend?
good good. get that thing back together and lets go. if you need any help you know how to find me.
i am planning on a ride tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. I will probably do one of the following:
American Fork Canyon

If i spend some time tonight working on the bike i will be up for a bigger ride such as:
Payson Canyon/Nebo Loop (one of my favorites)
Mirror Lake
Wolfcreek Pass

These are not the only options but just a small handful actually. I am up for just about anywhere.
Let me know if you are interested. I currently have 2 other riders planning on attending.
as long as the weather holds i down!
itching for another ride. last weekend my ride in Nebo was cancelled due to weather.
let get a few together and go!
sorry for late response, i been out all day on Saturday, got home at 1:30am.
my bro-on-law in interested in going but i think he is working so he would not be available until 6p which would be cutting it close to dark for this trip.
send me a txt, it looks like its just us this time.
another nebo run or Fariview Canyon/Skyline Dr run happening on Sunday if anyone is interested.
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