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Riders in Utah (SLC area and beyond)

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Hey my names Edward and I'm dying to hit up the canyons with anyone. Hit me up on MSN/Live messenger at [email protected]. I'm in sandy, Utah so anytime anywhere I'm usually ready to ride.
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Word. I'm Ben and I live downtown. There are a couple of us Salt-Lakers kicking around, I've ridden with MBD09 (from the other SLC thread) and had a great time, and I'm trying to work something out with pcdarks from Park City. I work in Draper during the week and would love to hit something up after work some day, or else a weekend ride works too. Let's get some miles in before it cools off man!
I've been meaning to get hold of you and get something together, Mike. I've been doing graves weekends and sleeping most of the day, I keep intending to get my ass out of bed and get some riding done but apparently I'm not motivated. I actually saw there's a black ex on KSL from Taylorsville, I got worried you were selling!

Keep us posted on your chain situation, we definitely need to do some serious canyoning before the snow falls.
I don't...I broke the stock chain with an angle grinder and just kept the clip master that came with the new chain (dabbed on some JB weld for the hell of it)

But if your new chain comes with a clip and you want to upgrade to a rivet, as long as you buy the rivet master at a shop not totally run by douchebags, I imagine they'll take the 30 seconds to press it on for you.
Hope you're okay, man..I had a little get-off myself last week and am in the repair process :-\ This site is a good place for cheap parts if you keep you eyes on the For Sale section, as well as like www.bikebandit.com and a few sites like that. Good luck man.
yeah, what he said :-\
I didn't know you were in Alpine, Steve, I work just up the 15 in Draper...in fact I'm there now overnight. Wish I hadn't wadded myself up in August, I figured with the cold weather a couple weeks ago the season was over so I didn't source a new wheel...now it's 70 and sunny. Oh well.

I'll hit you up in the spring for sure, we should do some canyoning with Mike. Wish I'd gotten out with him more last summer.
Hey Mike. I've got my bike in pieces (not to mention uninsured and unregistered) but when it all comes together I'd love to hit a canyon with you. I'll keep you updated.
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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