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Riding tips and discussion about driving licenses in EU.

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kill me if i shouldnt have made this topic ;)


M -license
15v you can ride a moped with smaller engine than 50cc and it must not go faster than 45km/h. (only theoretical exam
to get your license)

A1 - license
16v 125cc or under, and below 11kw. training includes lots of lessons, handling test, theoretical test and official test on
public roads.

a - license
18v any cc, but under 25kw and under 0.16 kw/kg (lol actually my bikes papers say that its 25kw, 0.14kw/kg, but its really 46kw[heard from the previous owner])

if you have had a-license for 2 years, you can get an unlimited license by the age 20. thats the A - license.

if you want the unlimited straight away without any licenses before(car license is not counted)
you have to be 21 and attend lots of lessons and demanding tests. (i think its going to change to that you can ride unlimited when you are 24

car license you can get in the age of 18. you must attend lessons and driving exam and stuff for that.
(A1 or a or A license drops out some of the lessons in the car school)

If you are going trough europe, i suggest you to have some fun in germany, autobahns. i heard that there are some times unlimited speed limits :) of course nürburgring is the place for racing machines like our ex500's ;D
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MrSciTrek said:

Is there a topic Wiki does not have info on???
Sorry for thread necromancy, but I feel the wiki isn't entirely correct. Many EU member states apply different interpertations to the driverslicense and have added to a vagueness that isn't captured in the wiki.

In my country (The Netherlands), You can get a moped at age 16 (max 45 km/h or 25 km/h depending on category) after having done a theoretical exam (or when you're 18 and you've gotten your car or motorcycle license). Motorcycle and car licenses can only be obtained from age 18 and upwards and require intensive training, both theoretical and practically (so MSF is obligatory here, perhaps a tad stricter even - for a car you need a minimum of ten courses before examination may even be requested). Under 21 you can only do motorcycle examination on a motorcycle with less than 25 kW and a certain maximum in kW to kg ratio. This gives you an A L (Motorcycle Light) license and after two years can be changed to an A Z (Motorcycle Heavy) license. For car there's just a B license, and if you want a heavy trailer you need a B E license.

Costs of a motorcycle license: around 1300 euros. So that's about 1600 dollar or so.

Edit:[/color] Also responding to the OP. On the Autobahn (I live 50 km's from the German border) standard goes an advice speed of 130 km/h. It's an advice speed, so it's in practice unlimited. However, under pressure by European (harmonisation?) law more and more area's get restricted to 120 (busy or curvy parts) or 100 (city ring). It's a shame, but there's still enough tarmac to hit your own speed limit ( ;) ).
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