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Well after quite a bit of planing I am off up North in the morning.

Day 1, Run up to Fort William to say in a B&B.

Day 2, Ride to a place call Apple Cross via Apple Cross pass.

Day 3, Ride right up north to the most Northern tip of the UK a place called John O Groats.

Day 4, Ride back home.

Mileage total of about 1,300 mile in 4 day,s.

I will post some pic,s when I get back... Wish me luck. Paul.

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Well i best put this post to bed... ;D

Left home to go to my dig's at Glen Loy just out side Fort William i had booked to stay for 3 day's as i could not trust the weather to suite my itinerary so Glen Loy was my base. The drive up was ok but the weather got better the further North i got and the last bit of rain left me at Lock Lomond so with the roads still a bit wet i decided to drive to suite and take in some of the views. Now at this point i never thought it would take me so long to get to Fort William but i was glad i did as just as i arrived at the dig's i was greeted by 3 pine martins running up down the wall right out side of the dig's... Wow i thought what a greeting.
Dig's where fine for what i wanted single room with en suite and breakfast the owner was called John... Nice guy quite chatty and very informative about the local wildlife and the local area. Now having just seen the Pine martins on the wall out side i asked him about them and he said it was a family that he has been feeding for quite some time and could be filmed from in side the front of the dig's every night. Tea that night was Mac Donalds in Fort William and bed.

Day 2,
Now i have been to the Applecross pass before but never went right over to Applecross it's self so because the weather was so good that day that's where i went... and WoW what a view the last time i went the weather was quite bad and i had wondered why we had driven up there Ha Ha but now i know i just sat with my mouth open for half a hour before i got my camera out. While sat looking at the view a nice couple sat next to me and began to tell me they where from Sky and this was a bit of a holiday for them as well... So this place must be very special.
Now after sitting their for some time in ore of the view i realized i needed to eat so off i went to Applecross for fish and chips from the Airstream van that i was told not to miss out on ... Sat their with that view put this trip into retrospective... Life is to short.

Day 3 and my last day.
The big one Ha Ha ... 177 miles one way on A roads but they where very good Ha a lot better than some of the A roads in north Wales. The weather could have not been any better very sunny and a bit of a wind that kept me cool on the bike so very nice ride in a very rugged part of the country.
Wick came as a bit of a surprise as you begin to notice that as you drive it get's more baron and then you hit Wick it has it's own airport plus the town is quite large and it has a Tesco with a cafe and a petrol station with cheep fuel for that far north.
Right i thought lets get to John O Groats so after filling up and some dinner i drove out of Wick feeling like i was the luckiest man alive as the weather was so good and the ride had been so so nice.
John O groats came into view quite quickly as you can see the new part of the hotel from miles away as they are painted in very bright colours... Arriving at John O Groats was a bit of a shock because the place is pristine ... no litter and every where spotless.
Now after walking around for a while it suddenly had a thought it's not just about geting some where it all about the journey to get there... and i must say this one had been one of the best trips i have been on... the weather the people and Scotland it's self.

One more thing ticked off my bucket list. Now i have to do the other end ;D ;D . Paul.

Pictures of My Trip.

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Beautiful country, history just awesome. Castles, mountains incredible.

Super trip!

I'd give my left...well, you know...to do that tour, experiencing major jealous syndrome. ;D

(and you have incoming)

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Well after doing this trip mid Summer and now having winter at my door i have started to look at the other end of the UK... Namely Lands end... A long weekend should be enough.

Again it will be at the drop of a hat to get the best weather and fit in with family and Granddad duties ;D . If any UK member would like to come along they would be more than welcome as i have posted this trip on some other site that i am a member on and had some interest... So if you would like to make this trip give us a shout.

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Ferry to Norway

After reading an artcle on bike touring in Norway I've put it on my bucket list. Love to start in Scotland then take a ferry to Norway.

Unfortunately the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen no longer exists. Nowadays you would have to ride down through England, catch the ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, then find your way north from there to Hirtshals on the northern tip of Denmark, adding over a thousand miles of road riding to your trip. Daily sailings from there to Bergen.
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