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Setting your Sag
A freebe to better handling
One of the most often overlooked adjustments to your Ex is the Sag setting This is the amount the bike's springs colapse when you sit on it. Both front and rear are adjustable, Here's how.

Measure first: Put a piece of tape or a mark of some kind on the body near the rear. with the bike on it's wheels held vertically by a friend your going to measure from the ground to this mark like this.
Have your friend:
1 lift the tail as much as he can and let it down slowly, measure

2 push down on the tail and let it rise slowly, measure

3 average those two measurments. thats the top point

4 Have both your friends try to bottom out the travel to get the
bottom measurments.

4 sit on the bike and repeat the process, have a 2nd friend measure for you (you do have 2 friends don't you?)

The diffrence should be about a third of the total rear wheel travel.

If you get too little you spring is too stiff, strong , hard, back off the adjusting collar around the top of the shock. Theres a lock nut you must release first. a long screw driver and a hammer are your tools.

If your sag is too much tighten the spring collars. Same process as above.

The process is the same as the rear, but the adjustment is tougher
to make adjustments you must remove and change the leghtn of the spacer above the springs.

To do this:
Prop the front wheel off the ground, remove the handle bar riser from the top triple clamp leave all the cables connected. With a small 2 legged wheel puller hold down the plug against the spring. fish out the lock ring. Release the wheel puller and the spring will push the plug out for you. (no it won't fly.........far). remove the spacer on top of the spring and fit a longer or shorter one according to wheather you want to stiffen (Longer) or soften the forks.
Reassemble and measure again. NOTE HERE: bend the end of the lock ring up and in for about 1/8 inch to make it easier to fish out the next time.

The next time is now if you didn't get what you want.

General notes: The ex is rather softly sprung and responds well the stiffining both ends. Unless you a 100 Lb. Girl (or ride like one).

Usually a stronger spring is required in front for 150 lb or more riders.

Stronger rears are also aavliable too but fitting one will most always overpower the shock and cancle any gain. General note more spring requires more dampining. In front you can thicken up the oil, in back your screwed (Penske, but still screwed $700+ ).

Have fun Kiddies and ride safe.
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well from what K specs. the bike Rear suspension / wheel travel UNI-TRAK® system with single shock / 3.9 in. ,we shouldn't have to measure , at least not on 06 & newer. but basically 1/3 of that should be 1.3 " or 1 5/16 " to be close enough if your tape dose not have the decimal points .
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