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undoubtedly there will be people here that search for opinions on all kinds of gear. so this is for you guys!

this boot comes reccomended almost always #1 (if not then its a close 2nd) when it comes to a good street riding boot. and for good reason! dont let the plasiciness or all the saftey equip scare you..these boots are COMFORTABLE! i hear countless people complain about having to break in their boots, their boots always squeaking, getting blisters, etc etc. simply slip on these boots, zip up, and go have a ball. the sizing (nother big question) runs pretty exact with most shoe sizes. i wear a 9.5 in shoes/boots and a size 43 (sidi says its a 9.5) is an exact fit. their very comfortable to just walk around in, and have plenty of crush/abrasion protection throughout. if you have the scratch and are looking for a good boot...sidi is there its at. there IS a reason they come so highly reccomended!

i got mine from newenough for under 300 bones (that sales tax sucks!)
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