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So let me understand...

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If I do the following...

1) Install Sarachu exhausts
2) Do the "Fog Airbox Mod"
3) Install a K/N airfilter

I will have to adjust the Air/Fuel mixture.

Can anyone tell me what (if any) performance change this will make to the bike. I like the idea of better idol response (thus the airbox mod). I want the louder exhaust (so people on the freeway know I am around them), and the K/N seems like a logical choice.

Anything I am missing?

Can anyone point me to the "official" air/fuel mixture adjustment process? I have never done anything mechanical (Car or Bike) and I am thinking this will be simple. I want to make sure I have all the information I need to complete this project.
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remove the pilot screw caps and adjust each pilot until you achieve optimum throttle response.
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